The use of ink typed receipts with no way of recycling paper can cause great damage against the waste management by no route of recycling. It puts a dead end to the used paper, making it inevitable to reuse or recycle. Adversely increasing the deforestation to make up the loss of not getting reused or recycled paper. The digital bill and receipts may make it easier on the save tress projects. And decrease the deforestation, energy spent on recycling and also lessens the burden of waste management.

How Can I Reduce My Carbon Footprints.

We all can practice some important actions to help conserve nature and reduce our carbon footprint, to preserve our own well-being, and to guarantee that natural resources are available for future generations. International groups of scientists, working on various environmental issues, provided ideas what we can do to help conserve nature. Those ideas were grouped into three main categories: 1. Actions to reduce our ecological footprint; 2. Actions to conserve nature; 3. Actions to connect with nature.

Soil Degradation: How far are we from complete desertification?

Preservation of the land we reside in is equally important for us as much as it is for the flora and fauna. We are not far away from desertification and if permanent measures are not taken in time, the coming generations will have no land resources to thrive on.

Are Biodegradable plastics really Degradable?

A superior arrangement is to reuse bioplastics as opposed to composting them, Huang said” If we recycle it seriously and stop single use plastics, that could be a good solution. Single-use is where all the problems begin.”

World Without Plastic

The earth without plastic is healthy. The single-use plastic is the more important and necessary fiend to be dealt with first. There are countries like Rwanda going zero plastic usage. Putting a price on using plastic has reduced the use of plastic. Using bioplastic significantly comes to the limelight for its easier procedures for the disposal material. The use of seaweed water bubble instead of a single-use plastic water bottle. The International costal clean day for the cleaning up of the plastic deposited in the ocean bed.

Water Pollution In India 2020

As we see in our daily live how water pollution occur as see in image which i use in this article how factory pull out his wastage in river lake because of this our river get polluted and various kind of disease happen. We should aware to people and also owner of big industrialist aslo.