From Pages to Plants: Join Sinha Library’s Journey Towards a Greener Legacy

From Silent Halls to Flourishing Gardens: Be part of Sinha Library's Green Transformation for the Next 100 Years

Sinha Library, a prestigious institution, is approaching its 100-year anniversary next year. In preparation for this milestone, one of the library’s trustees has reached out to us for assistance in enhancing the campus’ greenery.

Recently, on Sunday, July 2nd, 2023, members of Tarumitra planted 25 Bauhinia purpurea (Kachnar – the state flower of Bihar) saplings along the western boundary of the campus. These saplings have an average height of 5 feet, contributing to the initial efforts of greening the area.

Considering the vast potential of the campus, there are numerous opportunities to further develop the green cover. One notable possibility is the utilisation of approximately 2 and a half acres of land on the eastern side, which resembles a backyard. This area holds great potential for creating a Miyawaki forest, a dense and diverse forest ecosystem that can be established quickly.

Additionally, there are small patches of land surrounding the portico that can be transformed into a charming small park, further enhancing the green surroundings of the library.

Tarumitra, an environmental organization committed to sustainability and conservation, is seeking your support and collaboration in this endeavour to augment the greenery of Sinha Library. Together, we can create a lush and vibrant environment that will beautify the campus and contribute to the well-being of its visitors and the surrounding ecosystem.

To connect/collaborate/support, kindly use our Reach Us page.

Darshan S
Author: Darshan S

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