Tarumitra Volunteer Program

What is TVP(Tarumitra Volunteer Program)?

Tarumitra is an organization built to foster ecological sensitivity by equipping its members with skills in handling and supporting environmental concerns. Biodiversity conservation-based Tarumitra is a student-led movement started in 1988. It holds a focus on biodiversity and environmental issues with different initiatives. Conserving more than 1000 trees and plants of near about 450 species. Backyard organic farm maintained by students of different schools & colleges provides food security to campers throughout the year. The focus is on nurturing rare plants in our genetic nursery which is being done by the students/interns so as to conserve biodiversity and increase the green cover. It also provides a platform for young minds to raise environmental concern and propose ideas to world leaders at the UN as we have been bestowed with the consultative status (ECOSOC) since 2005.


Organic Farm being a regular focused area, We focus on advocacy for Tree Trans-locator, Municipal Waste Management Rules Framework, EcoBrick a way to Plastic Waste Management,  Mushroom cultivation, Research, and Advocacy to bring the environmental crisis into mainstream.

Term & Conditions

1. The volunteer members once assigned a task at Tarumitra will need to complete the assignment as agreed upon. Once decided, no change will be allowed, but exceptions will be allowed in case the administration feels the need for a change in assignment.

2. The volunteer members will follow Tarumitra India rules and conform to the values and work ethics followed at the organization.

3. The volunteer members will need to have their own medical and other insurance. Tarumitra India is not liable for any such facility.

4. By filling out this form you agree to all terms & conditions.

5. All volunteers are entitled to eCertificate on successful completion of assigned assignments.