How Plastics Are Dangerous To The Environment

The environment is very essential to every living organism. It plays a major role in everyone’s life. We all on it for water, food, air, etc. Therefore, we must protect our environment from every kind of pollution. But, instead of protecting our environment, we’ve created a lot of pollution, especially plastic pollution, that is negatively […]

“Plastic” a chronic disease of Earth.

According to recent data, about 1.3 billion tons of plastic will flow into the oceans in the next 2 decades. Single-use plastic output has been increasing over the past few years. Causing a huge surge of plastic being mistreated and discarded to the ocean beds. There are a lot of recent data proving the negative […]


Ecobricking is a way to bring down the amount of plastic waste, plastic pollution and mannage plastic waste management.

Environment and COVID 19

The environment crisis is speeding up at an exceptional rate, and we are not prepared for it. While the crisis has numerous variables that assume a part in its worsening, there are some that require more consideration than others. Here are some of the ecological imapct during COVID 19 on the environment

14 Million Tonnes Of Microplastics On the Sea Floor

The  U. S. National and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) describes microplastic as any kind of plastic fragment that is less than 5 mm in length . In short they can also be described as very small prices of plastic that pollutes the environment . These microplastic enter the ecosystem through a variety of processes and sources […]

Are Biodegradable plastics really Degradable?

A superior arrangement is to reuse bioplastics as opposed to composting them, Huang said” If we recycle it seriously and stop single use plastics, that could be a good solution. Single-use is where all the problems begin.”

Solving The Problem Of Plastic – Brick by Brick

The use of plastic has increased the ingestion of microplastic in the body of animals and even humans. Microplastic is harder to collect and recycle. The start of eco bricking or also known as plastic bricks were cleaned and dried plastic is crammed together in a plastic bottle. Big pieces cut into small and padded inside the bottle. With just inorganic matter. And used as a building block for a bench or a creative structure. The blocks are sturdy like bricks.

World Without Plastic

The earth without plastic is healthy. The single-use plastic is the more important and necessary fiend to be dealt with first. There are countries like Rwanda going zero plastic usage. Putting a price on using plastic has reduced the use of plastic. Using bioplastic significantly comes to the limelight for its easier procedures for the disposal material. The use of seaweed water bubble instead of a single-use plastic water bottle. The International costal clean day for the cleaning up of the plastic deposited in the ocean bed.