The consequences of Global Warming

Every summer we hear the same news- ‘The temperature this year has exceeded previous years’. This shows that the temperature is significantly increasing and the last decade is the perfect example showing the effects of increased earth’s temperature.  This drastic increase in earth temperature beyond the natural phenomenon is Global warming.

Global warming is a trending boiling issue. The effects of global warming are heart wrenching.  The temperature rise is getting unbearable.  Many flora and fauna that grow in the himalayan region have lost their existence due to the increasing temperature.  The temperature isn’t favorable for the survival of many species and slowly they are losing their presence.  These species are endangered are in the verge of extinction.  In a few years, species like polar bear, himalayan yak, rhododendron and many others will be a token of past.
Many mountain peaks are melting causing landslides and glacier lake outburst. It is a terrifying scenario.  This is causing rise in water level in associated rivers and oceans. Many beaches are destroyed.  Many many islands are in the verge of sinking. Many land areas are to lose their area, their significance and their individuality. Many species of water life are also impacted.
Many disease causing organisms and parasites that once survived only in hot areas are slowly escaping to higher altitudes. This is causing outbreak of various diseases in hilly and himalayan region. Let me give an instance of rising cases of malaria and dengue in hilly areas in the past few years. In many hilly regions, the temperature didn’t favor the survival of mosquitoes but as the global warming is escalating, the temperature in these areas have differed. You might think what this slight increase in temperature could cause but a slight increase in temperature can prove really fatal. With the rising temperature, mosquitoes are adapted to high altitudes and thus capable of spreading malaria, dengue, kala azar and similar diseases. 
The bad fortune of global warming is not confined only upto here. Many water resources are getting drained off.  Desertification has taken a pace. Lots of acres of agricultural land have lost their fertility and are not suitable for cultivation.
In such scenario our future is on pyre. If we don’t take serious implications then we have to pay for it surely .

Control of rising temperature is still in our hands. Reforestation programs should be launched.  Water harvesting systems should be introduced.  The discharge of global warming causing gases from the industries should be minimized. Drainage of hot water from factories to water resources should be prohibited. 

Lets take a pledge to work on our levels to help fight against  rising global warming.

Dali Agrahari
Author: Dali Agrahari

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