” A story I would like to share” Nature, YES. The most wonderful gift from divine or maybe the divine himself. There can’t be anything more wonderful, beautiful and precious thing as mother nature. And for me, nature have been my partner, bestest of friends.I have always been a person who enjoys most of her […]

Water Pollution In India 2020

As we see in our daily live how water pollution occur as see in image which i use in this article how factory pull out his wastage in river lake because of this our river get polluted and various kind of disease happen. We should aware to people and also owner of big industrialist aslo.

Plastic Waste Management Rules

The most common thing that we tend to see and use on an everyday basis are articles made of plastic, like bags, water bottles, kitchen appliances, etc. We had been using plastic bags as a free and easy solution for carrying out our shopping needs but it was not until 2015 that we realized the […]

The biodiversity act of 2016

The biodiversity act of 2016, Western Australia not only aims at eradicating and destroying the presence and spread of environmental pests and other organisms, but it also aims to manage it. According to Baetman and Peralman (2017), the act aims to examine or test, survey, and closely monitor the presence or the spread of environmental […]

Producer Responsibility Organization

footprint PIP bottle in ocean By Brian Yurasits

Objectives of Extended Producer Responsibility have been the essence of most policies and legislation which deal with the management of recyclable commodities. The growth in the consumption of diverse complex commodities since the past decade has led to a grave environmental issue. Inadequate management of waste that is generated has also become a topic of […]

Uniform framework for extended producer’s responsibility


According to the rules of Plastic waste management, steps have been taken to decrease the generation and use of plastic waste and ensure the segregated storage of plastic waste at the source. Responsibilities had been assigned to local bodies, gram panchayats, retailers, and vendors for the management of plastic waste. The rules mandate some new […]