Hey everyone!!
This is me , the most popular girl- EARTH.
All of you must have heard of me. Who just wouldn’t- I am the base of your existence, the core of your identity, the foundation of your presence.

Address: Third house from the sun between residence of Mr. Temperamental Venus and Red planet Mars

Weight: 5.972 × 1024 KG
( Don’t dare call me overweight.  I carry all of you shameless and worthless human beings)

Diameter: 12742 KM

• Only planet with water.
• Only planet with life.
• Titled as GREEN PLANET

( I constantly revolve around him and so do all my neighbors . You must me thinking what a fierce competition; but I feel like he likes me back . He favors me the most. As all of you know, he is so hot. You just can’t stop melting on his charms)

AUNT: Miss Moon aunty.  I call her my aunt because she always behaves as a satellite. How nosy!!

Nature: My nature depends on how well you treat me. I have my own carrying capacity; I am forgiving but I end up being forgotten.  When my carrying capacity is exceeded, you have to pay. I help you guys meet all your needs and greeds . However, you tend to forget that the one who has the capacity to create has the capacity to degenerate and degrade too. I hope you keep that in mind while behaving with me. I am so generous that I don’t mind sharing my resources with you so that you too can prosper with me but you exploit me. You degrade my worth , you rip my tolerance.  I just hope you learn from your mistakes and help protecting me. I feel like I am going to suffer from some chronic disease.  I have a  high temperature since last decade. I get tremors too. I request you too take care of me or else with me, your existence will fade too.
I love you all. I hope you love me the same way.

Dali Agrahari
Author: Dali Agrahari

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