Earth Day

So you might be aware that today is the INTERNATIONAL EARTH DAY. Thus I present to you some of the things some of us did and all of us should contribute.

Here I am talking about April 17, 2022. It was a Sunday and we all love to sleep till 8 or 9 in the morning. But some of the stubborn interns & volunteers at Tarumitra decided to beat the laziness and worship our great mother, THE EARTH. As compared to a mother, our Earth has everything a mother gives to her children. Be it nourishment, shelter, etc.

On Sunday, 15 to 20 volunteers and interns of Tarumitra Ashram from various educational Instutions assembled near Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udhyan aka Patna Zoo’s gate – 2. The time when it was not a complete sunrise at 6 AM, our coordinator Darshan Bhaiya was there to welcome us for what we were supposed to do. When everyone expected was there, we distributed the work and went to accomplish our goals. We made small groups off two and started looking for a small group of people to show our magic. Basically, who don’t know the area we approached at such a time when there were a lot of people, and since it was Sunday, nobody had a hurry. We started to talk to them and performed BINDING THE BIRD trick. Some of them appreciated and some neglected like always.

A large number of people were influenced by what we said and performed. They took the oath to maintain local and public hygiene as much as possible from their side.

I believe it’s never the bullet or the gun to be blamed for violence, but the user is. So we should never blame plastic for disaster we experience or the disasters we overlook the landfills created, animals dying is result of negligence of our duties.

When we returned after achieving our goals we collected the single use plastics(SUP from now) from around the clean looking bushes here is a picture of what it looked. Collecting ice cream cups, wrappers, packets, carry bags, etc. Most common of all, ‘Gutkha’ packets all around the corners. We picked all possible and segregated to process further.

Darshan Bhaiya was happy that we came up early. A very famous quote “Straws dont go with fire” can be taken as “Success dont go with laziness”.

So on this day let us all pleadge to control littering and start segregating. The day must spend well.

— Aayush Babu XII

DBA Patna

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Aayush Babu
Author: Aayush Babu

Hey everyone, I am a part time volunteer at Tarumitra Ashram, Patna and would like to help you if you need me. Reach me at @aayushrambo8 on Instagram and I'll be there ASAP

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