Binding the bird

Binding the bird is a simple small trick to demonstrate the agony and struggle experienced by a small bird when it is bounded by single-use plastic which is neither edible nor good for building nests. Still, some of them swallow the very small plastic chips we throw as the corners of snack wrappers, Gutka and Milk pouches, torn carry bags, etc. The plastic or more precisely micro plastic gets collected in their throat and other organs which struggle them to a painful death. This is not just for small birds but most of the animals in our ecosystem like cows, buffaloes, cats, dogs, and us. We should be concerned about our heritage and environment and should discard such items to prescribed dustbins only which can only be done by segregating our trash at a local household level.

—- Aayush Babu XII

DBA Patna

Aayush Babu
Author: Aayush Babu

Hey everyone, I am a part time volunteer at Tarumitra Ashram, Patna and would like to help you if you need me. Reach me at @aayushrambo8 on Instagram and I'll be there ASAP

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