Hey everyone!!This is me , the most popular girl- EARTH.All of you must have heard of me. Who just wouldn’t- I am the base of your existence, the core of your identity, the foundation of your presence. Address: Third house from the sun between residence of Mr. Temperamental Venus and Red planet Mars Weight: 5.972 […]

Earth Day

So you might be aware that today is the INTERNATIONAL EARTH DAY. Thus I present to you some of the things some of us did and all of us should contribute. Here I am talking about April 17, 2022. It was a Sunday and we all love to sleep till 8 or 9 in the […]

Binding the bird

Binding the bird is a simple small trick to demonstrate the agony and struggle experienced by a small bird when it is bounded by single-use plastic which is neither edible nor good for building nests. Still, some of them swallow the very small plastic chips we throw as the corners of snack wrappers, Gutka and […]