Ecofeminism – An interlinkage between women and nature.

In the years of our Indian history there as always been few groups of people coming up and voicing out their concern for the environment and fighting for it. Standing up against deforestation and destruction of their habitat. Some of those are the chipko movement, ecofeminism etc.

Gender, Women And Environmental Sanitation

Feminine hygiene is a serious matter in maintaining safe and sanitized surroundings for us to reside in. Women being primary caretakers of the households and rural properties, it is of utmost importance that their sanitation is taken care of with appropriate provision of water, clean toilets and menstrual hygiene.

Environment Friendly Menstrual Product

menstrual cups

Nothing is greater than the environment because it is the only thing that provides everything to every living beings. We call our planet Earth as Mother Earth because it is the only planet where life exist and it has given us everything from food to livelihood. But, are we, the human beings, good enough to […]


Why feminism, why not human rights you ask? Because to use an expression like human rights is to pretend that it was not women who, for generations, have been excluded. It is not unknown to us how the pressure of poverty weighs down way heavier on women than men in a country like India. When […]