Internship journey at Tarumitra

Miss Sony Raj joined Tarumitra as an intern in Tarumitra on 3rd April. Her journey during the internship period has been a life changing experience for her. Her first day as an intern was also the day she first explored the Tarumitra Ashram.  She was mesmerized by the charm of Ashram. She enjoyed being in the mini forest. She learnt about different plants and  organic farming. There were many cottages. The Grey water system and oxygen bar were a fancy.

The interns had an introduction session as well as a twist and talk session about the roles and responsibilities of an intern.

4th April, 2022

There was a discussion held over Plastic Waste Management, 2016. The key points of the policies and strategies have been explained in the previous blog. Sony had got the sub topic- Condition to deal.
She was cherished to learn about the rules framed by government for managing the plastic usage and responsibilities of the manufacturer , dealers and producers.

6th April, 2022

An online seminar on Transgender Protection Rights Act, 2019 was held. Reshma Prasad ma’am and Deepak sir from Patna high court presented the seminar and discussed about the problems and stigma prevalent in our society when it comes to Transgender. The importance of NALSA, 2019 Act was discussed.  It had been a session that widened the thinking and expression horizon of all interns.

ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE SAME ,NO GENDER / SEX  could be labeled INFERIOR’– this quotation left a deep impression in everyone’s mind. We all are the children of God.  Gender and sexual orientation should not be the basis to ridicule feelings of anyone. Everyone has the right to live with dignity and equality.

8th April, 2022

Meeting on  Organic farming was conducted by retired Colonel sir .

Interns got the opportunity to learn more about the current condition of environment and the excessive use of chemicals in food .Through this meeting , they learnt about the new techniques emerged in agriculture like  permaculture , natural farming .

This internship journey has been full of new and thrilling experiences for many interns like Sony. Miss Sony believes she learnt and explored many new life lessons and uncovered a part of her which readily wants to go beyond extents to conserve nature and safeguard the purity of Tarumitra.

Dali Agrahari
Author: Dali Agrahari

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