Plantation for Life

Himadri Kamla Priya, a brilliant intermediate is on the way to completing her life’s biggest dream, planting 10K trees.

Himardi, a simple but fascinating was born in Patna and studied at Don Bosco Academy. She keeps a keen interest in social welfare and is always ready to serve the people in her past time. She has participated In many service campaigns showing the selflessness and the loving side of her life. In her school days, she lived in a hostel away from her hometown Arah, Bihar. So most of her time was spent in studying and the free time was spent on reading social , enviromental and other articles and blogs which encouraged her to indulge in such kind of social welfare.

On 4th April 2022, Himadri with her friend visited Tarumitra and planted 5 trees but the most interesting and fascinating thing about the plantation is that she is on her way to plant 10K trees in her life. She was inspired and motivated by the surrounding pollution and the breathing issues of the surrounding pollution and the breathing issues of the surrounding animals. She wish to establish homes for the birds which were destroyed by deforestation. Currently she is also working against single use plastic.

On the other side she is a registered stem cell donor for blood cancer patients. She visited many orphanages and helped them. On her 18th birthday, she did 18 different acts of kindness.She also runs a personal youtube channel where she posts different blogs and other stuffs she do in her life running on 4.4 K subscribers.

She wish to pursue her higher studies fro an ivy league college and become a renoun business women. But doing so, she also want to be down to earth and serve the community till the end of her life.

Social Media Handles

Instagram : @himadrikamla

Youtube : Himadri Kamla

Aayush Babu
Author: Aayush Babu

Hey everyone, I am a part time volunteer at Tarumitra Ashram, Patna and would like to help you if you need me. Reach me at @aayushrambo8 on Instagram and I'll be there ASAP

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