The Internship begins..

HC4CC TM Friday 27th May 2022 Meetings

The internship started in full swing on 27 may 2022. Students from different study fields fully motivated to change the world started on with their new journey on 27 May 2022 under the guidance of sir Tarumitra who has been the guiding and inspiring light to these enthusiastic Volunteers.The meeting started where all the joinies started giving their introduction to each other describing their qualifications and one skill they have.
It was so delightful to hear all these young aspiring minds taking their time out for a noble cause. The meeting discussed various ideas related to what can be done in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development. Students gave out their own ideas and at individual level what can be done
All the ideas were very well welcomed and well appreciated. Everyone seemed enthusiastic for the noble cause . There were discussions on current topics such as urban heat island effect, growing temperatures , use of CNG cars and a lot more.
 Also there were discussions on how we can beautify our city through amazing works of art that can serve the dual purpose of beautifying the environment as well as give an aesthetic sense of our environment

Tanya Nagar
Author: Tanya Nagar

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