Water pollution

India – the land where Ganga is considered as an epitome of purity. It is believed that Ganga is capable of draining off all the sins of those who takesdive in its water. India; is also the land where Yamuna is established as a token of maternal bond and love. In the same land where water resources are given the hierarchical position of God, the resources are getting polluted haphazardly.

According to the recent reports of Central Pollution Control Board, March, 2021, the sewage generation from urban areas is 72, 368 million liters per day( MLD). However the treatment capacity of our nation is just 31, 841 MLD. Just think how terrible the condition of water resources is. In the last decade the level of water pollution has terribly increased.  Industrialization and urbanization play a tremendous role in degrading the water quality. Approximately 70% of the drinkable water has been marked unfit for human consumption. 351 river stretches are termed extremely polluted.  Maharastra leads in the state rank of river Pollution with 53 river stretches degraded. Yamuna is the most polluted river in our capital, Delhi.

The condition of water resources is going downhill day by day. The industries discharge chemicals and other wastes into the rivers without purification.  Different household wastes are mixed to water resources.  Many sewage pipes are connected directly to the river. Many believe that the flowing water is capable of running off everything.  Less do they know or think of the consequences.  The increase in pollution has resulted to decrease in quality of water. The BOD is increasing. Many species of fish and marine flora are on the verge of extinction and many are endangered.  There are outbreaks of many water borne diseases namely cholera, diarrhea  and many others. In long term , this can cause problems that are beyond our imagination. 

Now is the time. If you wait and keep on polluting water resources the way we are doing then in the near future many species of marine flora and fauna will disappear.  There will be huge shortage of water and people will be fighting for the limited drinkable water. It is already too late but if we keep on putting hands on hand then the future is simply in terrible darkness.  The choice is ours- what do we want. Do we want a happy, healthy and green environment or a miserable, sick and polluted ambience?

Dali Agrahari
Author: Dali Agrahari

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