The use of ink typed receipts with no way of recycling paper can cause great damage against the waste management by no route of recycling. It puts a dead end to the used paper, making it inevitable to reuse or recycle. Adversely increasing the deforestation to make up the loss of not getting reused or recycled paper. The digital bill and receipts may make it easier on the save tress projects. And decrease the deforestation, energy spent on recycling and also lessens the burden of waste management.

How Plastics Are Affecting Aquatic Life

The world doesn’t belong to us to manipulate. We have to heal and repair what we have wounded and destroyed. We have come too far and become too blinded to see our selfish side of just seeing our comfort needs. It’s time to take a step forward towards cleaner earth, greener earth motive. Mend it before it’s too late to reverse the condition of our environment.

How Plastics Are Dangerous to the Environment

Using biodegradable and organic compounds for creating a plastic-free zone on the earth has become the number one priority. The plastic has been accumulating for an awfully long period. The plastic has gotten itself into water bodies and the landfill. Where it affects the living of marine life and land animals. To reduce the use and waste of plastic is by substituting it with other natural biodegradable materials like paper bag, cotton cloth bag and aluminium container. Which can easily recycle to produce fresh material again for daily use.

Environmental Crisis with technology

The concept of air pollution has been taught to us from a very young age. On its effect on our lifestyle. How it can cause global warming by putting the greenhouse gases into a position of imbalance in nature. But never informed us about how it’s going to affect our organ systems. How air pollution is not just a global disease but can make a human body unhealthy. It messes up our nervous system and our cardiac system. It decreases the capacity of the input and output of the lungs. The advance of science has brought us comfort but we failed to realise that overuse can cause a lot of trauma to our bodily network.

Environment- A Beautiful Gift

Growing and nurturing the plant is not limited to saving the environment but also making your living comfortable and sterile. It also includes the saving of other natural resources with energy sources. To learn about the flora. To benefit yourself from the plants naturally. The list of plants provided in the content help in making the house clean. Live an extensively healthier lifestyle.

Environment Friendly Menstrual Product

menstrual cups

Nothing is greater than the environment because it is the only thing that provides everything to every living beings. We call our planet Earth as Mother Earth because it is the only planet where life exist and it has given us everything from food to livelihood. But, are we, the human beings, good enough to […]

How Plastics Are Dangerous to the Environment

Plastic Waste

Plastic scrap is building up in our environment. As time goes by the build-up will be so huge that reverting to the situation will become hard to impossible. The high chances of marine life extinction and land pollution are caused by plastic pollution. Reduce, recycle and reuse. These R’s are the best option for limiting the use of plastic. Using an alternative for the package instead of plastic can also bring down the use and trash of plastic.