The use of ink typed receipts with no way of recycling paper can cause great damage against the waste management by no route of recycling. It puts a dead end to the used paper, making it inevitable to reuse or recycle. Adversely increasing the deforestation to make up the loss of not getting reused or recycled paper. The digital bill and receipts may make it easier on the save tress projects. And decrease the deforestation, energy spent on recycling and also lessens the burden of waste management.

The place where we stay, is our home so, this environment is also our home. It’s our first home because when humans came first on this earth, they don’t know anything, they didn’t build any shelter to live. They simply live in the forest, under trees or, inside the cave. Mother Earth has provided us with this beautiful and precious thing free of cost and in today’s life, human take it for granted.

Nowadays, deforestation is the biggest problem to the well being of the earth, but we keep ignoring this because in our daily life needs. One among those uses is paper. Yes, we can save crores of trees from getting cut down. Papers that we use for receipts which, is not useful because in today’s generation everything is digital. Receipts that we take after the banking process, shopping, after eating in restaurants, etcetera. Most of the time, we pay our bills with credit/debit card and while paying with that card the Point of Sale machine do print two copies i.e., one for merchant copy and the other one is for customer copy. According to the reports in 2019’s financial year in India, at least 10 to 12 lakh crores transactions has been done by POS machine and most of the people don’t see the receipts, they usually throw it which is an undesirable junk. All over the world, trillions and trillions of trees would be cut down for these small receipts which are thrown out straight to the dustbin. And, these receipts don’t get recycled as well because most of the POS machines are inkless and to get that printed in these machines, chemically treated thermal paper has been used. And because of this chemically treated thermal paper with black printed words over it, those papers cannot be recycled which is waste. In this paper, Bisphenol-A- type chemical gets mixed and if somehow this chemical enters a body, then it may cause infertility or cancer which is completely fatal.

These papers have already banned in some countries of Europe. If the rest of the countries of other continents would do the same thing, then it would be good for the environment as well as to the human beings.

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