Environmental Crisis with technology

The concept of air pollution has been taught to us from a very young age. On its effect on our lifestyle. How it can cause global warming by putting the greenhouse gases into a position of imbalance in nature. But never informed us about how it's going to affect our organ systems. How air pollution is not just a global disease but can make a human body unhealthy. It messes up our nervous system and our cardiac system. It decreases the capacity of the input and output of the lungs. The advance of science has brought us comfort but we failed to realise that overuse can cause a lot of trauma to our bodily network.

Through science & technology, we have created many things that reduce human efforts. Through science and technology, we are living our lives comfortably. We have created many things like artificial human organs. We have made automobiles, locomotives, etc. to transport from one place to another. Though we have created many of these things but do we ever think of pollution in the air caused by burning fossil fuels for generating power and because of all these pollutions, the coarse air is affecting the human brain. The air pollution harms the white matter of the brain, that is associated with the language skill. Through the previous research, people know that air pollution can create problems for respiratory health, also can increase the risk of deaths from heart or lung diseases. Researchers have also found that the high amount of air pollution can affect children’s cognitive abilities, may increase the risk of cognitive decline and, then contribute to depression. This issue has not gotten the perception but it should be taken extremely vital in the change for the betterment of the environment because this is also a factor that affects the mental health of the children and their academic performance too. It seems like that the particulate matter of air pollutants, go beyond the vascular damage. Both coarse and fine particulate, of air pollutants, was associated with cognitive decline as per said by some scientists. Though, we cannot resolve this problem, completely, in a day but, we can operate to reduce these up to a certain level, that the present and upcoming generation won’t face any crisis in future. For this to happen our country as well as every other country should look upon this problem and find the antidote for saving fossil fuels, the environment and all living organisms on earth. The E-vehicles are not adapted in the whole globe entirely so, till then we can do is stop our vehicles for one or two days per week. It’s a big coalition when it comes to mental health as well as to our precious environment. Therefore, we together should take one step to protect our environment as well as to reduce this pollution for the sake of the upcoming and present generation.