Environment- A Beautiful Gift

Growing and nurturing the plant is not limited to saving the environment but also making your living comfortable and sterile. It also includes the saving of other natural resources with energy sources. To learn about the flora. To benefit yourself from the plants naturally. The list of plants provided in the content help in making the house clean. Live an extensively healthier lifestyle.

The environment is so important not only to us but also to other living beings out there. We cannot imagine our life without water, food, air and trees, but human beings are not so worried about these natural resources. We use these resources, for making things that help us in every aspect. With the help of science and technology, humans have variously used these natural resources without caring about other species. By cutting a favourable but, a wide range of trees, we have created many industries, houses for shelter, malls, restaurants, etc. that have generated pollution to the water and air. Factories, that releases smoke, are poisonous for every being out there. Well, we cannot be able to shut down all these factories that create pollution, neither we can be able to stop all those works that harm the precious environment. But, we can execute a remedy for ourselves and the environment, by keeping plants, in our rooms, instead of using air conditioners to preserve the overuse of electricity.

Snake Plant – These are the plants that release oxygen during the night time and it helps to purify the air. It keeps the room cool and fresh.

Aloe Vera – Well, we all know the super health benefits of having an aloe vera plant in our home. By keeping it in a room, one can have a cool and fresh atmosphere because it doesn’t only help to lower the temperature but, also requires less water than the other plants making it easier to manage.

Golden Pothos – These plants can keep your room cool and it helps to purify the air. Also, it does not need much light and care.

Fern – It is helpful to purify the air as it filters formaldehyde from the air and will keep a room cool.

Areca Palm Tree – It does not only maintain a room’s temperature low but, also helps to clear out benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air.

Ficus Tree – It improves air quality by diminishing air pollution and keeps the temperature cool.

This is a natural way to keep your house’s temperature down and to keep it beautiful. Plants cool the atmosphere. The environment is a blessing to every living being. It is the most precious and beautiful gift to us. By taking care of the environment, you’re not only helping the other beings but also, you’re helping yourself. Help yourself, by taking care of yourself as well as of the environment before it’s too late.

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