Environment Friendly Menstrual Product

Nothing is greater than the environment because it is the only thing that provides everything to every living beings. We call our planet Earth as Mother Earth because it is the only planet where life exist and it has given us everything from food to livelihood. But, are we, the human beings, good enough to save this planet or, are we destroying it? We’ve created a lot of things by cutting down the trees. We’ve created a lot of industries, all over the world, that have created a lot of plastic materials, one of it is disposable sanitary pad. A disposable sanitary pad needs around 400-800 years to decompose. Many tons of disposable sanitary pads are generated every year all around the globe. This waste is hazardous to us as well. The chemicals, from the pad, reaching the soil causes the loss of soil fertility and groundwater pollution.
Many women throw it in the drain or flush it down after using it which in turn cause the clogging of underground drains. Many women, after using it, wrap it and throw it in the bin but, again the decomposing is a challenging one. There are many good ways through which, the menstrual products can be used without impacting on the environment. Menstrual cups are available in the market now-a-days, that can be easily replace the sanitary pads. Period panties are another solution to this toxic problem to save the environment. Now-a-days, biodegradable sanitary napkins are also available. Therefore, government should ban these disposable sanitary pads and at least, provide the biodegradable sanitary napkin to help or, to save the environment. Let’s protect our planet Earth and make it healthier, greener and a safe place again.

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