How Plastics Are Affecting Aquatic Life

The world doesn't belong to us to manipulate. We have to heal and repair what we have wounded and destroyed. We have come too far and become too blinded to see our selfish side of just seeing our comfort needs. It's time to take a step forward towards cleaner earth, greener earth motive. Mend it before it's too late to reverse the condition of our environment.

The environment gives us so many beautiful elements. One of them is Ocean-water. It is such an elegant, as well as a valuable blessing, by the environment, to us for our surviving. But, instead of offering a return gift, we all have given a disastrous souvenir, like a plague, to it. We, humans, for our well-being, have ignored to clean and to keep clean the water that we’ve polluted for so long.

We’ve created problems for the aquatic animals living in the water. Just comprehend that if someone would do the same thing to us as we’ve done to them! This planet doesn’t just belong to us but to many other noble species too! We being placed on top of the food chain doesn’t imply we can pollute, destroy or we can heave garbage as much as we want. NO! We can’t do this. Because by doing this, we are not only creating trouble for those aquatic animals but also we’re creating a problem for us.

Time will pass and we’ll all repent these aspects on why we people didn’t clean the river or the land that we managed to pollute in our past days. Before regretting greatly, we should clean it now, in our present time. In our spare time, we should clean not only the river but also the land that we’re polluting day-by-day and we should throw our garbage in the dustbin and should use less plastic and transportation too so, that it will not harm our environment and also, to our next generation. The next generation could able to see this beautiful clean world instead of a world full of pollution, and less oxygen.

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