Sustainable Development Goals

This article educates about sustainable development goals (SDGs) .They are integration of 17 separate goals which come together as an initiative for better future ,where everyone lives in peace and prosperity and environment and growth are balanced,we as a human have to come together to implement these goals and fulfill our social and environmental responsibility.

Growth and development is the essence of life but when we add up to the word  sustainable growth we try to shift our focus towards giving this essence to all besides us .  Sustainable growth was an uncooked concept before 2015 , but after putting this concept just even on a working stage . We consciously as a human started to give our least part for the environment ,now to have a solid knowledge about “sustainable development goals” we at a very basic level need to know what does “sustainable development “actually means – Sustainable development is a way for people to use resources without the resources running out. It means doing development without damaging or affecting the environment.

It’s very important to know about the history of any project to judge it’s future growth
 So sustainable development was popularised in the year 1983 by brundtland
Commission which was appointed by UN secretary general to rally countries to work and pursue sustainable development goals .
Brundtland was a former prime minister of Norway and was known for its background in public policy .it was later in the year 2015 ,that all un member states adopted the “SDGs” as a universal call to action to end poverty , protect the planet and ensure all the people enjoy peace and prosperity by the year 2030. Before sustainable development goals were officially adopted ,millenium goals were doing their part of job prior to the period of 2015 . The 8 millennium goals set up at that time ,no doubt deserves an appreciation but on a long term basis the world needs to set up goals like SDGs , which are more finer and grown option for universal growth and development .

It’s well said that setting up a purpose or goal is itself a motivation standard to move along the path , For better insights ,let’s glance into the 17 sustainable development goals  .Given below is  a Integrated 17 goals that are meant to improve lives of everyone:

SDG : 1 – NO POVERTY – around half of the world’s population is fighting for hunger and clean water , this goal is set up to give a good level of live to all .A prosperous life is not a lucky charm but a right that everyone deserves to have .

SDG : 2 – NO HUNGER –  When the nature is showing no sense of biasness in giving it’s love through various resources then why our human distribution system have become bias and unfair on its part ,there is tremendous amount of hunger still left to fight with , where at a certain events food is being wasted simultaneously a lot of people are sleeping with an empty stomach ,with this goal we are hoping to give everyone a full and happy stomach .

SDG : 3 – HEALTH AND WELL BEING – This goal promotes healthy lifestyle ,preventive measures ,and efficient health care for everyone .

SDG : 4 – QUALITY EDUCATION – This goal focuses on providing the beautiful gift of learning and increased opportunities to make everyone live a life of prosperity and increased intellect

SDG : 5 – GENDER EQUALITY – In the year 2021 ,I can say that no doubt ,we have almost won this fight of gender inequality , but the tiny aspects of it  like inequal gender  pay ,more unsafe environment for women, inequalites and male dominance at  family level and some of it still can become hindrance to gowth thus need to be eradicated.

SDG : 6 – CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION –  Good hygiene and sanitation =healthy life .if we provide better awareness towards sanitation and clean water we can do a great job .

SDG : 7 – AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY – Sustainable energy sources are not a long time friend and are also harmful to environment causing climate change which is threat to human life ,this goal focuses on shifting towards renewable energy sources at a cheaper price.

SDG : 8 – DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH – Financial economic growth  is a salient  factor to improve living of all ,this goal sets up standards to create a good and decent working environment in the  country ,it  ensures that we create economic growth without harming environment and protecting the rights of citizens , making sure that  slavery , labour child , unhealthy working environment gets eradicated and scope of innovation and entrepreneurship increases

SDG : 9 – INDUSTRY , INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE –  These  I s are factors that influence growth . A good industry base with opportunities of innovation and creativity gives  country a worthy infrastructure. this goal ensures to build in these Is with considering environment needs

SDG : 10 – REDUCED INEQUALITIES – Inequalites exicts in  various whether it be gender ,caste ,financial and a lot of it but these inequalites are parasites for society and thus need to be focused upon ,the more broad minded people we ‘ll create ,the lesser inequalites will exist.

SDG : 11 – SUSTAINABLE CITIES – With growing times  ,we need more sustainable cities cities which  uses modern and efficient technology , are highly awared of waste disposation systems , promotes healthy and prosperous life for all ,that create better education and job opportunities and create a green and ecologically balanced environment .

SDG : 12 – RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION –   Humans have overexploited the abundance of resources given by the nature so as to the level that are future generations  and nature can be in harm ,but with responsible and sustainable
consumption we can reverse the harm.

SDG : 13 – CLIMATE ACTION – Climate change is  underrated real threat  whose affects are visible at the present .By increasing awareness towards our environmental responsibility and realising the affect of its harmful threats we can take actions to improve condition.

SDG : 14 – LIFE BELOW WATER -The oceans and sea cover 70 % of our planet and humans have not left them too ,we have exploited and polluted our water resources to the sky high level, for our own good we have harmed the life below water through overfishing and pollution ,it’s high time we have to be kind to the sea life too.

SDG : 15 – LIFE ON LAND – Humans have become so selfish that we are just creating blindly  our own empires without thinking about another lives which are co existing with us ,  by being selfish we are being stupid too because  by harming the wildlife and natural lives we are eventually creating the catastrophic condition for ourselves by unbalancing the whole ecosystem .

SDG : 16 – PEACE , JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS – We must ensure that we have strong institutions ,global standards of justice ,and a commitment to peace everywhere.

SDG : 17 – PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOAL – For the good of our future and environment ,we all have to become partners in fulfilling these goals

Though we are still on the path towards fulfilling these goals ,we must be hopeful for better future .the nature has given us all its love and warmth and it’s high time we should start respecting the love of nature . we owe our environment all our love and protection ,let’s come together to  build up a better future, lets  make sure that at our level we try to live a sustainable life and help others live too . Environment and it’s resources are divine ‘s gifts, just like the way we worship divine let’s start worshipping it’s gifts too and when we will do so, the nature and future will be kind to us.

Samradhi Goyal
Author: Samradhi Goyal

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