” A story I would like to share” Nature, YES. The most wonderful gift from divine or maybe the divine himself. There can’t be anything more wonderful, beautiful and precious thing as mother nature. And for me, nature have been my partner, bestest of friends.I have always been a person who enjoys most of her […]

India & Climate Change

Climate change is the devastating condition in which the particular chain of climate becomes uncertain due to human intervention.

A sustainable idea -PHOOL

A good business idea can solve a number of problem through one arrow ,the story of PHOOL (FLOWER ) is one of them .


Mother nature have never been biased in showering its love in form of various resources we receive from it -like food ,water and life but sadly, when the finer food gets distributed, knowingly or unknowingly we can see a glimpse of inequality in distribution of these resources, where tonnes of food is being wasted in […]

No Poverty – SDG 1

Poverty is a vulnerable state which needs to be eradicated in all its forms ,the sustainable development 1 goal talks about it ,and this Article educates about the same .

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Golas

This article educates about sustainable development goals (SDGs) .They are integration of 17 separate goals which come together as an initiative for better future ,where everyone lives in peace and prosperity and environment and growth are balanced,we as a human have to come together to implement these goals and fulfill our social and environmental responsibility.

Indore Cleanest city of India

As a child we were always taught to maintain hygiene and cleanliness around us ,but as we grew up, unfortunately  ,topics of “hygiene and cleanliness” have become bush -league for a majority of population as a matter of fact the government have to consciously and officially  put its head and soul into it ,with this […]