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Nature, YES. The most wonderful gift from divine or maybe the divine himself. There can’t be anything more wonderful, beautiful and precious thing as mother nature. And for me, nature have been my partner, bestest of friends.I have always been a person who enjoys most of her time gazing stars, river waves, and always wanting to hug trees. Nature have never missed any chance to uplift my mood, my love for nature is abundance as nature itself. And for a nature’s soul its always difficult to see nature being hurted, it feels like someone is hurting your own soul. I  have one such experience that I wanted to share.

There’s a beautiful lake cum dam near my place, it has always been my go to place but due to lockdown I couldn’t catch up much with that lake, One day when I went to Lake in between lockdown I saw the level of water decreased to a very disperatable level and I felt really bad seeing it as I was not expecting it, I consoled myself that maybe because of excessive summer heating and global warming the water might have dried up and the monsoon will lift up the level of water to its originality. But when I went more closer to the water level, adding up to my concern, I saw a lot of plastic bags being disposed there, also I saw the idols of gods made of POP which didn’t decomposed for years because of its chemical existence lying there, also I saw lot of dead fishes, small water insect. In the beginning, while I consoled myself that monsoon will be the healer for me now that became another concern because before monsoon arrives in a full fledged form and the level of water of that lake increase to its originality, the plastic bags and those POP made idols needs to be removed  and dispatched from the dam in order for its healthy Life ahead.

I have decided that this monsoon instead of eating “pakado’s and sipping my tea” I would rather go and clean up that dam with my friends and give that lake it’s life back. Also, I do suggest everyone who is reading this article that the way you try to catch-up with your friends,  make sure you catch up on your nature friend. Nature have always being healer and provider to all. Make sure you go to your nearest nature spot and check on it whether it’s in a healthy condition or not. Let’s celebrate monsoon together, Let’s celebrate our friendship with nature, Let’s clean our nearest dams, lake, rivers before monsoon, Let’s Let’s the fish live, Let’s come together in this journey.

Samradhi Goyal
Author: Samradhi Goyal

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