Realities of Climate Change: Melting Glaciers and Ice Caps

It is pretty evident from our growing environmental issues that global warming has hit us like a storm. And one of the prime focuses right now has to be our melting glaciers which contribute to about one-fourth of survival of flora and fauna in the world.

Soil Degradation: How far are we from complete desertification?

Preservation of the land we reside in is equally important for us as much as it is for the flora and fauna. We are not far away from desertification and if permanent measures are not taken in time, the coming generations will have no land resources to thrive on.

Small Water Bodies for Biodiversity

With the advent of large water bodies and their individualistic issues, the focus has shifted from the importance of small water bodies, like lakes, rivers and ponds. The biodiversity that resides in them demands to be protected at all costs for survival of all living and aquatic life in the coming generations.

Gender, Women And Environmental Sanitation

Feminine hygiene is a serious matter in maintaining safe and sanitized surroundings for us to reside in. Women being primary caretakers of the households and rural properties, it is of utmost importance that their sanitation is taken care of with appropriate provision of water, clean toilets and menstrual hygiene.