Water Pollution In India 2020

As we see in our daily live how water pollution occur as see in image which i use in this article how factory pull out his wastage in river lake because of this our river get polluted and various kind of disease happen. We should aware to people and also owner of big industrialist aslo.

What is The Ocean Cleanup?

Ocean Cleanup program is very initiative program to clean ocean because we polluted it to much. In ocean various fish get infected to this we should take step toward to improve to it. It was the backbone of Humanity and we infected them also.

China’s Carbon trading scheme

Carbon Trade Scheme edited

Recently China has launched the world’s biggest carbon trading system to help lower carbon emissions, but critics and analysts have raised doubts about whether it will have a significant impact. Sources said that China is the world’s biggest emitter of the greenhouse gases that drive climate change, and the scheme is part of its efforts to decarbonise and reduce the effect that causes by it.