Awareness about usage of Single Use plastic In India

Report Submitted by- Saurabh Jadhav ( Market research intern at footprint) ACKNOWLEDGEMNT My name is Saurabh Rajendra Jadhav I am belonging to Nashik (Maharashtra), I am currently pursuing MMS from marketing branch from Mumbai University. I undertook this internship project and completed the internship report under the guidance of Mr. Darshan and Tarumitra organization. I’m […]

How Can I Reduce My Carbon Footprints.

We all can practice some important actions to help conserve nature and reduce our carbon footprint, to preserve our own well-being, and to guarantee that natural resources are available for future generations. International groups of scientists, working on various environmental issues, provided ideas what we can do to help conserve nature. Those ideas were grouped into three main categories: 1. Actions to reduce our ecological footprint; 2. Actions to conserve nature; 3. Actions to connect with nature.

Environment and COVID 19

The environment crisis is speeding up at an exceptional rate, and we are not prepared for it. While the crisis has numerous variables that assume a part in its worsening, there are some that require more consideration than others. Here are some of the ecological imapct during COVID 19 on the environment