Carbon Mapper: The Future of Technology

Carbon Mapper, a new nonprofit organisation, and its collaborators – the State of California, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA JPL), Planet, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University (ASU), High Tide Foundation, and RMI – have announced a ground-breaking initiative to increase awareness of global methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and accelerate reductions.

Environment and COVID 19

The environment crisis is speeding up at an exceptional rate, and we are not prepared for it. While the crisis has numerous variables that assume a part in its worsening, there are some that require more consideration than others. Here are some of the ecological imapct during COVID 19 on the environment

Are Biodegradable plastics really Degradable?

A superior arrangement is to reuse bioplastics as opposed to composting them, Huang said” If we recycle it seriously and stop single use plastics, that could be a good solution. Single-use is where all the problems begin.”

Autonomous Technologies for Water Pollution

In recent years of advancement, we have heard about various technologies being established all around the world for a profound issue which is water pollution. Autonomous technologies for the same are being developed in context to oil spills and plastic trash on the water surface.