Tarumitra Ashram-a slice of heaven

The green woods make the crown of mother nature,
The peace they impart spread heavenly ligature.
The caves and mountains make you crave for adventure
The resources we have are our utmost treasure.

Heaven on earth is nowhere than the lap of mother nature. The ambience of Tarumitra Ashram made me realize I was missing a part of my existence in the city hustles. The peace the trees impart, the crisping of birds, the music of leaves brushing, the fresh air touching my face; this was something I had never experienced in my life. I was mesmerized by the charm of the place. The warm welcoming  words of Darshan sir ignited the spark of motivation we needed to dedicate ourselves completely to saving resources and transiting the wastes to  something worthy. 
Even in the humid and heating Patna’s summer we could feel the cold breezes from the trees. There were a variety of rare shrubs and herbs. Tarumitra Ashram is a habitat for more than 450 species of plants. We also saw an organic farm spread to 6 acres where various cereals and vegetables were grown without involvement of any chemicals.  We consider ourselves lucky enough to see 3 ponds in the ashram each being inhabited by thousands of fish.
The entire ambience of Tarumitra Ashram rejuvenated our mind and grew a sense of eco-spirituality. My experience in Tarumitra was so awesome that the memories will be deeply encarved in the roots of my heart. Tarumitra Ashram motivates me to take a pledge to always conserve nature and make our world a better and sustainable place to live.

Dali Agrahari
Author: Dali Agrahari

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