Holi and it’s shades

It hasn’t been long since we celebrated one of the biggest festivals of Hindu-‘Holi’ with lots of excitement. Holi- the festival of colors add sparks and brightness in our lives. However, in the last few years in the pretext of celebrating Holi, we have been contributing drastically to environmental damage and pollution. While celebrating Holi, three major threats to environment are expected to emerge. Firstly, the auspicious ‘Holika Dahan’ has lost it’s purity. People tend to dispose plastics and other solid wastes. This causes severe air pollution. It increases the share of harmful and toxic gases in air. Secondly, some people use toxic colors to play Holi. These colors when drained with water reaches agricultural land decreases the fertility. The third problem of present context of Holi is wastage of liters of water in name of entertainment. Our organization Tarumitra in the week of Holi started several campaigns to eradicate or control the burning of plastic and solid wastes during Holika Dahan. A Nukkad Natak was organized where the Chairman of State Pollution Control Board, Bihar- Dr. Ashok Gosh sir had marked his presence. Overall, the event was a success and credited with several positive reviews.

Dali Agrahari
Author: Dali Agrahari

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