My journey at Tarumitra

The chirping of birds, the gust and the mist,
Everyday in nature is wonderful, everyday a feast

On 13th December 2021, when I joined Tarumitra as an intern, I was delighted and motivated to core being surrounded by the spirit of fellow interns and Darshan sir. I felt extremely lucky to be given a chance to contribute to environmental upliftment. The whole internship time was fun, my favorite being Saturdays and Sundays because we used to visit Tarumitra Ashram. The online meetings sessioned on late evenings helped us to share our ideas and craft new strategies.

The solid waste management awareness programs marked an important milestone in our internship journey. We learnt about segregation of waste, how to reduce the use of plastic and mould the people’s mindset to shift to healthier and degradable alternatives of plastic.

  Solid waste management 2016 laws marks several rules and strategies for management of solid wastes coming from different sources. The hospital wastes should be incinerated . The radioactive solid wastes after sufficient pretreatment must be disposed deep inside earth surface making a pit. Different colored dustbins be set up in different places ; each coloured dustbin with it’s own waste encounter agenda. While we talk about solid waste management, it should be kept in mind that the sustainable way of managing already introduced plastic products management is to recycle , reuse and renew them. Garbage power plants should be established in different places to convert the decomposable wastes into electricity and fulfill energy requirements.  The main motto is to renew resources both materialistic and energy renewal.

In next few weeks we conducted programmes for ‘ Eco Friendly Holika’. We made posters, recited poems and performed street plays under the guidance of State Pollution Board, Patna. The Nukkad Natak was a great success.

My 3 month internship journey in Tarumitra was the collage of best experiences and knowledge of my life. This internship program made me strong as a human and made me rethink my actions before mishandling any environmental resources. This journey made me more close to nature and environment.  I will miss this journey lifetime.

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Dali Agrahari
Author: Dali Agrahari

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