My journey

Every journey teaches us and tests us on our learnings in ways unknown. Be it an internship or be it our daily day, they all make a journey. Some days might be as beautiful like a blooming garden while other not so. What matters is that they all are important. My journey with Tarumitra was […]

How can we “Restor the earth”. Earth Day 2021

THE EARTH IS WHAT WE ALL HAVE IN COMMON. 20TH OF APRIL, also known as the EARTH DAY. A day where we celebrate our planet earth, be thankful for what it provides which is basically everything. Through this earth day we would like to share our little journey. When you learn something new, it’s like […]


Active learning is a method of learning in which the student is actively or experimentally involved. It is important because it pushes the students to think and discuss about the topic at hand at every step.  The memory of visual representation lasts longer than theoretical memory. One other advantage is that the coach/teacher receives an […]


It is said that pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children and for the children to form their truth they need to acquaint themselves with the true current reality and the best way to go about it is OBSERVATION. Ecological Leadership Development Programme (ELDP) enhances the child’s skill […]