India Is Urged To Put Stop On Coal By UN

The UN Secretary-general  Antonio Guterres has stated that investing in fossil fuels will lead to a global disaster that will affect the most vulnerable, undermining the progress of economies like India in bringing millions out of poverty. He has urged India to end its reliance on polluting, financially volatile, and costly fossil fuel coal and urged to switch to cleaner economically resilient greener energy sources such as solar power which are low cost, protected from the volatile commodities market, and offering approximately three times the job potential of fossil fuel power plants.

India can be a true global superpower in this fight against climate change if it speeds up its shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Renewable energy such as solar energy needs to be considered and coal use must be completely phased out by taking up climate positive actions and choices such as ending fossil fuel subsidies, placing a price on carbon pollution & committing to no coal projects after 2020 hence paving way for smarter, stronger, cleaner economies which is the key to universal energy access, poverty alleviation, and a green transition as we recover from the pandemic helping strive towards carbon neutrality.

he also stated that due to Covid a lot of people have lost their small jobs. Working in renewable sources of energy will allow these people to get a feeding job for a very long time and also decrease pollution. It is like one stone two birds.

He said the current research shows people are putting their domestic coal mine in the auction which will adversely affect the strategies done for better environment and better earth.

Coal energy extraction is also cost ineffective causing the largest investors to draw back their money from the coal buisness.

He pointed out if India doesn’t start pulling down its coal factory and start using renewable resources its development will take the hit so will its climate.

The UN minister applauds India to take the initiative to join hands with the International solar alliance and also for investing in solar panels.

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