5 June 2022( Environment Day)

Together we fight for a better world!!!!

Tarumitra has been working consistently towards its goal of bringing a change in the Habits and practises of people with its whole team of enthusiastic volunteers. This year on 5 june 2022  we celebrated the environment day with full enthusiasm.

Volunteers prepared around 25 paper bags each person and these bags were distributed in order to create awareness among the people regarding the hazards of plastic.
All the preparation started a week before and regular meetings and discussion led to success of the event.
Some volunteers made digital posters which speak out loud on environment and its importance.Volunteers gathered at Maurya lok Complex, on 5th June 2022, at 3:00 PM to distribute paper bags among vendors which were  made by students of various schools also a Cleanup Drive  was organised at Maurya Lok Complex. Cloth bags  which were hand painted by school students and stitched by interns / volunteers were exhibited.

We Fight for climate change!!!!
Alone we might but together we will

Tanya Nagar
Author: Tanya Nagar

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