Start From Your Kitchen

All of us can be the change and bring the change and it is indeed very easy.

Start from your Kitchen. How’s that possible? Can we bring environmental change by changing our kitchen habits? Yes we can. We all know about the fact the kitchen is one place where we utilise so much of the resources. Do you wash your fruits and vegetables . do you spend about litres of  water daily to wash rice . We all very well know how much water we use in our kitchen. Instead of throwing that water  have you ever thought that water can be used for actually plants and some or the way we can utilise it for cleaning floor and other activities

Water that is used to clean dishes can be reused by dumping it in the toilet bowl for flushing. In this case one does not have to use  pure clean water to flush their toilets, rather this water can be reused in a more beneficial way. The kitchen water can also be used to flower plants.

Other tricks and facts are  

1.Get a solar water heater connected to the kitchen sink. Hot water helps clean dishes faster, especially those with grease or fat. The faster the dishes are cleaned, the less water is used.

2.Get a foot-tap. While doing dishes both hands are in the sink. This makes the control of the tap difficult. A foot tap provides controlled flow and can save water by up-to 50 per cent in the kitchen.

Let’s make a change together

Be the Change!!!!

Tanya Nagar
Author: Tanya Nagar

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