My experience as a content writer for Footprint

Writing is a catalyst for change and a way to understand just how our life works and this content writing internship with Footprint allowed me to do research on pressing issues concerning our ecosystem ,habitat and just the world in general and express my thoughts about these issues in my own words. Writing for footprint has helped me not only grow as an ecologically conscious individual but it has also helped me realize just how important and consequential the actions I take in my everyday life are. I’ve become way more conscious of my everyday choices, no matter how small or insignificant they seem. It has been a great tool to get my point across and I consider myself very lucky that I got to be part of and contribute towards something so redeeming and fulfilling . I have had the amazing opportunity to learn what was going around in the environment and the ways I ,,as an individual or through the collective effort of the community can bring about positive change in the world. Writing about current relevant topics helped me constantly update and brush up my knowledge . I will put in my best efforts to make sure that I’m able to inculcate the things I’ve learnt during the course of my internship and retain them in the future too. Its very important for a better future of our earth that we imbibe changes in our habits. Words have the power to move people and induce the aforementioned change and Footprint provided my words with an incredible platform ,one with an aim of brining people together and working towards a better future of our planet .

Adwitya Sinha
Author: Adwitya Sinha

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