Food waste

Wastage of food is just not a poor person going hungry another day but also affecting the environment and its stratosphere in a unhealthy way.

Ecofeminism – An interlinkage between women and nature.

In the years of our Indian history there as always been few groups of people coming up and voicing out their concern for the environment and fighting for it. Standing up against deforestation and destruction of their habitat. Some of those are the chipko movement, ecofeminism etc.

Solving The Problem Of Plastic – Brick by Brick

The use of plastic has increased the ingestion of microplastic in the body of animals and even humans. Microplastic is harder to collect and recycle. The start of eco bricking or also known as plastic bricks were cleaned and dried plastic is crammed together in a plastic bottle. Big pieces cut into small and padded inside the bottle. With just inorganic matter. And used as a building block for a bench or a creative structure. The blocks are sturdy like bricks.

World Without Plastic

The earth without plastic is healthy. The single-use plastic is the more important and necessary fiend to be dealt with first. There are countries like Rwanda going zero plastic usage. Putting a price on using plastic has reduced the use of plastic. Using bioplastic significantly comes to the limelight for its easier procedures for the disposal material. The use of seaweed water bubble instead of a single-use plastic water bottle. The International costal clean day for the cleaning up of the plastic deposited in the ocean bed.