Restore The Earth in Plastic Era

In last 3 years Tarumitra members have prevented nearly 1150 kilograms of plastic waste entering our environment. This number may sound little less than a grain of sand when we see the scale of problem i.e 8 million tonne of plastic entering the ocean every year, however out little efforts are expanding in various cities of India and we are determined to turn the tide right way.

How can we “Restor the earth”. Earth Day 2021

THE EARTH IS WHAT WE ALL HAVE IN COMMON. 20TH OF APRIL, also known as the EARTH DAY. A day where we celebrate our planet earth, be thankful for what it provides which is basically everything. Through this earth day we would like to share our little journey. When you learn something new, it’s like […]

Realities of Climate Change: Melting Glaciers and Ice Caps

It is pretty evident from our growing environmental issues that global warming has hit us like a storm. And one of the prime focuses right now has to be our melting glaciers which contribute to about one-fourth of survival of flora and fauna in the world.