World environment day

Before I write my passage, I would like everyone reading my post to take a minute’s silence on account of the pregnant elephant which was killed recently in Kerala.Such a mighty animal yet felled by the cruelty of a few.

I am of the view that these show called ‘days’ that we celebrate are futile or at least they seem futile . Why celebrate peace on one day, make it your lifestyle, why respect and put women on pedestal for one day, make this the new normal. Easier said than done, right. But it is only through difficult path can a sustainable change happen. With regards to our environment, I feel we have passed the stage where we can implement a slow progress, we do not need a scalpel now but rather a hammer. Real and tangible change with short and long term benefits for the environment needs to happen. We can no longer simply put the onus on change on people, governments need to make it a mandated law much like our tax laws. No miscreants or adjustments need to be made, implementing forced but real change is the only answer. While this appeal seems to be harsh, this is the only recourse left for our environment today.

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