Why ecobricks?

Most of us want to do our bit for he environment but we find that the task is too complex or too costly for us to implement it in a feasible manner. This is where ecobricks come in. It is not only a relatively simple way to manage plastic but it is light on our wallets too. In fact, this is a great method to pitch to the eco activists or the normal folk out there. It is said that any great device or machine became popular because of the simplicity of the use . This is where ecobricks throws every other alternative out of the arena. Here we have a simple bottle which can be used to collect all the plastic and store it in one place for the ease of use for rag pickers and alike, who in turn can make a modest income by turning in the bottles to companies which specialize in recycling of plastics. So next time you pitch in this method to your neighbor,friend or colleague,be sure to emphasize and enumerate numerous uses of this method.

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