Global Vriksha Bandhan:
Embrace the Green Bond
Let's expand
the circle of protection
You're not just
tying a thread
You're weaving promise
for sustainable future

Welcome to the "Global Vriksha Bandhan: Embrace the Green Bond" campaign page! As we celebrate Raksha Bandhan, we invite you to be a part of a weeklong celebration that goes beyond tradition – a celebration that strengthens our bond with nature.

About Vriksha Bandhan

Inspired by the essence of Raksha Bandhan, where threads symbolize protection, we’re taking this sentiment to the trees. During this special week, we encourage you to tie a vibrant thread around a tree, signifying your commitment to protect and preserve our planet.

Why Participate:

Trees are silent guardians that support life on Earth. They combat climate change, provide oxygen, and create habitats for countless species. By participating, you’re joining a global movement to honor and safeguard our natural world.

How to Get Involved

Tie a Thread

Starting from Raksha Bandhan, choose a tree that resonates with you. Gently tie a thread around its trunk, showing your pledge to nurture and care for it.

Share Your Love

Capture your tree-tying moment and share it on social media using #GlobalVrikshaBandhan. Let’s inspire a wave of environmental consciousness!

Learn and Engage

Attend workshops, webinars, and discussions to deepen your understanding of trees’ significance and the urgency of conservation.

Pledge for Change

Take a green pledge to adopt eco-friendly practices in your lifestyle, leaving a positive footprint on the planet.

Planting for the Future

Organize tree-planting events in your community to contribute directly to reforestation efforts

Social Media Highlights

Stay connected on our social media platforms for campaign updates, inspiring stories, and engaging content. Be part of the global conversation using #GreenBond and #VrikshaBandhanGlobal.

Artistic Expressions

If you're an artist, photographer, or creative at heart, contribute to our Artistic Expressions section. Showcase your visual interpretations of trees' significance and the beauty they bring to our world.

Thank you for being a part of this eco-conscious celebration. Together, let's honor the trees that connect us all