UN Intervention

A UN marine ecosystems chief called marine plastic pollution a “planetary crisis,” and environmental groups had hoped for a “Paris-style” global treaty aimed at tackling it. The Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, lays the fundamental groundwork for the world to take action on climate change.
Scientists calling for a binding international agreement said the impact of ocean plastics on biodiversity, ecosystem services, food security and human health make it “a global threat.” The General Assembly, in its most recent resolutions, recalled the commitments to take action to reduce the incidence and impacts of pollution, including marine debris, especially plastic, on marine ecosystems, including through the effective implementation of relevant legal and policy instruments; and to take action, by 2025, to achieve significant reductions in marine debris so as to prevent harm to the coastal and marine environment. The
importance of further increasing the understanding of the sources, amounts, pathways, distribution, trends, nature and impacts of marine debris, especially plastic, and of examining possible measures and best available techniques and environmental practices for preventing its accumulation and minimizing its levels in the marine environment was also reiterated.

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