Trash to cash with ecobricks.

Trash to cash with ecobricks.

My every morning in Mysore is with alluring sunrise and whistle sounds from our sanitary workers in olive green aprons and rubber gloves beginning a door-to-door search in making efforts to regain the cleanest city tag. With this alarming sound of the whistle, residents emerge from their homes with two bins—compostable and non-compostable to segregate garbage at the point of generation.

 By which my role in eco bricking has reduced, I just added one more bin, the plastic bin so that my mom can separate it from other dry waste. Later I stored all the collected plastic waste in a bottle so that it can help in reducing the power time of our ragpickers and thus fastening the recycling process. The process has just started, it may take a couple of weeks for the bottle to fill till then I remember that 3 weeks back I saw that my seniors were making a small shelter for the street dogs in my college using these plastic bottles, from the waste collected from my campus so I thought can’t we collect all these plastic bottles from individual households and built a shelter in a park of every neighbourhood eliminating the plastic to its minimum. Wouldn’t that be great if we can trace out every plastic generated from our home? As far I know this is the least plastic we can generate as it has become an integral part of our life. Till an eco-friendly product, which is a complete substitute of the plastic in all uses, has not been found till date. In the absence of a suitable alternative, it is impractical and undesirable to impose a blanket ban on the use of plastic all over the country. The real challenge is to improve plastic waste management systems with this, we can recycle the recyclable plastic and which are used to its maximum can be used in making shelter homes. 

Maybe this isn’t the only alternative, but this is one of the solutions. So why not let’s try to shrink this plastic eyesore and turn India’s mountain of trash into cash.  

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