In India each person use approximate 11 kilos of plastic products every year.

Plastic comodity

As per research by 2022 the consumption of plastic will increase to 20 Kg per person in India

More than 50% of these plastic products are Single Use Plastic (SUP)

Single Use Plastic

Single Use Plastic are items made up of plastic which are discarded within minutes to hours to few days of acquiring.

Well you may say "I throw it all in dustbin"

The question is where does it all go from dustbin ?


Bombarded in vacant land in our locality to be eaten by cows

Dumped in landfills to leach in ground and contaminate nearby farms

Scattered on streets to fly in open drains

Wash away in rivers & oceans to endanger marine life

Joins the food chain when we eat fishes form ocean

90% of table salt contains micro-plastic that we eat along with food

Dr. Ashok Ghosh, a Researcher & Chairman of BSPCB confirmed presence of micro-plastic in human blood samples

Sounds like plastic is eating the planet

So plastic that bad?

Well! we believe

It's the user at mistake not the product