The Peepal Tree

One of India’s sacred trees, Peepal tree is also the state tree of Bihar. It is commonly known as Peepal or Bodhi tree.

Basically it is a large large deciduous or semi-evergreen tree. It is irregular in shape with wide spreading branches which don’t have aerial roots from them. The trunk is regularly shaped often with low support to stand. It is resistant to drought and withstand mild frost.

There is an ancient history that Prince Siddhartha of Lumbini meditated under a Peepal tree and got enlightenment after which he became Buddha and was called Gautam Buddha. The tree is sacred for both Hindus and Buddhists and is planted beside the temples.

Some common facts about the Peepal Tree:

Common Name : Peepal Tree or Bodhi Tree.

Scientific name : Ficus religiosa.

Lifespan : 900 to 1500 years on average.

Growth : Height – 10 to 25 meters.

: Diameter – 1 to 4 meters.

Leaves Of Peepal Tree

Leaves : They are cordate (heart like) with a distinguishing extended drip tip. They may be 10 to 17 cm long and 8 to 12 cm broad.

Uses : Being a sacred tree, Peepal is worshipped and mainly for fertility. It is also a habitat for lac insects its leaves are used as fodder for elephants, camels, goats and other cattle. It has a feature that it can filter air so people plant these trees in their gardens for shade and fresh air. Its wood is used for burning i.e. as firewood.Its bark is used in tanning.

So basically the whole tree is sacrificed for our need.

Plant more trees, make this world green and clean

– Aayush Babu
Tarumitra club of Don Bosco Academy, Patna, Bihar.

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