Students : The Changing agents in society.

Students : The Changing agents in society.

1.22 million no of schools in India, the government should work on a proposal to incorporate waste management in school curriculum to sensitise the younger generation about managing municipal solid waste hygienically and scientifically.  

School program should focus on sustaining the environment and society, helping students to understand and to reverse such degradation and to contribute positively to the environment and thus to their well-being. The aim is to sensitise students but after sensitizing there is action as well. The students should take through simple but powerful ideas on how they can contribute significantly to real problems.

Solid Waste Management Strategies

1.Waste management as apart of the school curriculum

2.Student groups

3.Awareness training for schools children & teachers

4.School Activities –songs, games, quiz, involving children in segregation activities

5.Awareness campaigns in the neighbourhood

6.Involving children & their parents

The classes should aim at providing students with a hands-on approach to the issue. Awareness on waste management in the tender will help children do their bit towards the protection of environment and reduction of waste.

Students will learn that the most important factors in tackling the waste problem which are: 

  1. Reduction of wastage through conscious consumption 
  2. Proper segregation of daily waste 
  3. Composting of wet waste 
  4. Channelising dry waste items regularly to recyclers 

Many people still dump or burn garbage, contributing substantially to environment pollution. Introducing such techniques in school is definitely a good move. Apart from waste management, students should be educated on the importance of green covers through plantations drive and clean up drives to give them a real understanding of the problems of pollution.

It’s time to get something stirring. I bet we’ve had enough of waiting around for permission and everyone else, so let’s roll our sleeves up and do this. It’s the local actions that will transform our neighbourhoods and our lives and add up to the global change that we all expect to see.

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