Story of India’s Trees In The Last Five years

Story of India’s Trees In The Last Five years

As many as 10.76 million trees have been planted to allow room for infrastructure growth projects throughout the last five years, the Union ministry of environment told Rajya Sabha on 14 September.Around 1,263 million trees were planted so far in 2019-20. In 2018-19, the figure was 30.36 lakh in five years. The countries with the largest tree depletion burden since 2015 include Telangana (1.6 million); Chhattisgarh (0.99 million); Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh (1.3 million each); Arunachal Pradesh (0.63 million). Delhi may even have lost some 3,236 trees throughout this time.

Trees shall be chopped down for numerous construction purposes with the approval of the relevant authority in accordance with the protocol laid down in the respective Acts and Rules of Practice. The Government’s objective is to ensure that more trees are planted than destroyed under various planning plans accepted under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. Trees are only removed when reasonably appropriate, “the Ministry of Environment of the Union said in its reply and issued an annexation of trees marked for felling against various construction projects under the Forest (Conservation) Act.

Multi-departmental initiatives have achieved a beneficial outcome in environmental protection by tackling the issue of deforestation, which is apparent from the fact that the forest cover has sustained and has been slowly rising over the years. The Government’s efforts to plant more trees have also been expressed throughout the biennial India State of Forest Report (ISFR) assessments, “Emphasizing that the forest and tree cover recorded in the most recent 2019 forest report has increased by 13,209 square kilometers compared to the 2015 assessment. Rs 21.98 crore was unveiled by the Ministry to states in 2019-20 underneath the national afforestation program. Around Rs 106 crore in 2019-20 and Rs 119 crore in 2020-21 was published under the Green India Mission. India’s total forest cover is 21.67%, according to the India State of Forests Report.

These are some silent crimes happening to our environment. We need to be aware of this kind of information and try to do something about it. Trees are caretakers of ours. It’s our time to pay them back. Try to water them, plant more trees or plants. It is not just about them but also about us.

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