Story of a packaging material – from cradle to grave

Plastic packaging accounts for 36% of all plastics made, but amounts to 47% of all plastic waste, 90% of all plastic items are used once and then discarded, which corresponds to around 50% of the total mass of plastics manufactured. These plastic packaging materials are made with high density polyethylene (hdpe). This is obtained after refining of raw materials like natural gas, petroleum, etc. After the processing of the material, it is sent off to the industry where it is used to pack stuff such as food, online orders, etc. After the packaging, it leaves the factory and reaches the market from where the consumer buys it. Consumer uses the inside product and throws off the packet. If the disposal is proper, it will be recycled. But if it is improper, it will either be burnt or will get into sewers further flowing into water bodies where it causes damage to the marine animals.

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