Space junk

Well, we so called most intelligent species, humans have achieved a lot in past 40 years and now we are moving towards exploring outer celestial objects and bodies, but can you guys imagine a situation where earth won’t allow us to go to outer orbit just like a river full of junk, waste and plastic doesn’t allows a boatsmen to travell further……

Well, we already are facing such situation. As stated by various space agencies and international space station (ISS) there are approximately 2000 satellites orbiting our planet earth, well this doesn’t look like a problem, but the problem arises, which is that apart from these 2000 active satellites revolving around the earth there are approx 3000 dead satellites which can be hazardous and there are 34000 species of space junk less then 10 cm which in term could prove out to be a disastrous in terms of big space missions but the question is how?

The image shows the amount of space debris and space junk around the earth.

Well, what if we continue to pour this junk in space? Soon there will be similar condition like the one we are facing on mother earth due to plastic junk, still we can somehow clean waste on earth, but waste outside earth will become almost impossible to handle and will become a hurdle for rockets and space crafts travelling outside earth and anytime this debris can harm our super expensive space missions.

We all heard a news and got terrified when there were rumors regarding the fall of Skylab as if it crashed anywhere on earth where collonies of people are there it would eradicate everything around 4 km of diameter just because of its impact, and what if this debris and space junk starts to fall on earth there would be news of regular deaths due to space junk and it will be like heavens punishing us for condition we created on Earth due to pollution.

Well, there are some ways to clear space debris which are-

  1. Using lasers to create plasma rockets and burning all junk present in space and burning it in the atmosphere or making that junk to fall in the oceans and then cleaning those oceans.
  2. Adhesive satellites can be used as one preferred by the Swiss researchers at the Federal institute of technology to introduce some satellite with jelly fish like adhesive structures which can throw that debris into the atmosphere and atmospheric heat will destroy it or it will fall into the oceans.
  3. Another good method is to launch James Hollopeter satellite carrying gallons of water into space which will spill water into space and it will form a balloon of water that will bump all waste present in space and eventually will fall into oceans cleaning space orbit.
Image showing rise of space junk around our planet Earth
Graphical representation showing debris and space junk caused by launch of various satellites since 1 Jan 1980 to 1 Jan 2000 but this is all till 2000 after 2000 speed of formation of space debris multiplied due to continuous ongoing space missions.

Well, so these are all circumstances of cleaning space debris and cleaning it will require millions of dollars and trained people to do this tough project. But cleaning earth is not that tough, so let’s do our work that is to keep our earth clean and safe. Let the charity first begin at our home, our mother earth, so that we become capable and responsible enough to save the only planet we have so far that sustains life.

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