Single use plastics

As we are dealing with the corona pandemic and its economic as well as social implications for the world as a whole,there has been only one silver lining so far. Pollution levels all over the world have significantly decreased thanks to the world wide lockdown which was imposed. Rivers have healed itself and mother earth has rejuvenated itself. But in this rosy picture , we are forgetting one important thing, single use plastics which are in abundant use nowadays due to masks and PPE kits which have become the new normal for us. PPE kits and masks are all single use plastic materials and it is advised not to use them again and they are usually disposed of after first use. This inadvertent increase in single use plastics is a cause for concern as these are disposed of in the environment which will again increase the pollution levels and reverse any recoveries which has been made due to the lockdown. Therefore, the time is ripe to use ecobricks or any other such feasible and sustainable methods.

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